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Welbro Project Management

Specialist Contractor

Welbro Specialise in Building Refurbishment Projects

  • Welbro only undertake building refurbishment projects
  • Core skills are focused on the refurbishment of the building envelope
  • We have extensive experience of many forms of Industrial, Commercial or Military buildings.
  • Our management team understand the challenges associated with work on existing buildings
  • Methods of refurbishing occupied buildings have been perfected since 2000
  • Schools, Airports, Manufacturing Plants & Film Studios are just some of the locations covered
Those Hard To Reach Places

Welbro relishes the thought of working on challenging projects where access is tight or there are other complications to consider and overcome whilst refurbishing a building. Our management team and approved supply chain are able to undertake complete refurbishment or fit-out projects. Early involvement in a project is key to developing a plan for a successful refurbishment and we have the skilled and experienced team members to work with you every step of the way to provide the desired outcome, with the absolute minimum of disruption to normal operations.

Being a specialist in the refurbishment field has been key to our success.

Depth of Knowledge
Years of experience has given the Welbro team a depth of knowledge

Part of Welbro’s success can be attributed to being both specialist and independent. Whilst Welbro has fabrication facilities for aluminium fenestrations it is free to choose a material supplier and not being tied to any specific manufacturer for any product range, we can give specialist advice on the solution to your refurbishment project from the full range of options available. Take the example of a leaking flat roof; we could coat it, apply a new membrane or even build a pitched roof over it. If we were tied to a coating manufacturer we would only be able to offer a single solution.

The combination of our independence, specialist knowledge and experience with existing buildings means that the solution we offer is right for your specific circumstances.