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Market Sector:
Approximate Area:
10,000 sq mtr
Description of Works:
External Cladding & Roof Repairs to Industrial Estate


This was a project to update and refurbish a tired industrial estate in Manchester. The work involved over-cladding the existing walls, replacing the windows, adding insulation into the construction and repairing the roofs for the whole estate. The combination of new cladding, together with a raised parapet wall had a dramatic impact on the look of the whole area. Composite cladding panels were fixed onto a new steelwork support system provided by Welbro. There was a significant amount of detail-work required around the new windows and doors.

The scale and location of this project made it economical to temporarily relocate Welbro’s window manufacturing facility within one of the vacant units on site, allowing the windows to be fabricated on-site. This improved the quality, reduced the risk of damage and improved the efficiency of the project.