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Welbro Major Roofing Project
Major Roofing Projects

Welbro started trading as an industrial roofing and cladding contractor and today this is still at the heart of the business. The management team’s experience of complex roofing and cladding projects is huge, as they have dealt with everything from re-roofing a hi-tec mobile communications operations centre to refurbishing military aircraft hangars on operational air bases whilst normal operations continue uninterrupted.
This requires careful planning, a great understanding of our client’s business and above all an experienced and highly trained team.

Large Project Over-Roof

In most cases a roof can be replaced without the requirement for a temporary over-roof but there are times when the risk of water ingress is just not acceptable, in which case there is no option. The project illustrated in the photograph shows an over-roof being erected over a Hi-tec Mobile Communications Operation Centre, which remained in operation 24/7 whilst the whole roof was renewed.

If your operations can not be interrupted and you are concerned about replacing your roof, please contact our design team at Titchfield as we would welcome the opportunity to visit your organisation for a free consultation to discuss the various methods available when re-roofing a building that has to be kept operational.

If you are considering a major roofing or cladding project please contact us now projects@welbro.co.uk

Welbro undertake the following types of industrial and commercial roofing:

Corrugated Metal Roofing
Aluminium Roofing
Composite Roofing Panels
Standing Seam Roofing Systems
Flat to Pitched Conversions
Tile Effect MetalRoofing

Plastisol Coated Steel Roofing
Copper Coated Roofing
Site Assembled Roofing Systems
Secret-Fix Roofing Systems
Low Rise Roofs
Galvanised Roofing

We can recommend the best manufacturers of each type of roofing system, as Welbro is an independent company with no ties or attachments to any specific manufacturer or product. Our advice is based on what we consider to be the best on the market for each product we supply and install.