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Our History

Welbro Project Management Ltd

Welbro Project Management Ltd was born from Welbro Construction Solutions Ltd, a roofing and cladding contractor which has long since ceased trading. The original concept was Welbro Construction Solutions would operate as a traditional roofing and cladding contractor, with Welbro Project Management providing design and site management services for main contractors on large or complex roofing and cladding projects.
We established Welbro Construction Solutions in 1998, and Welbro Project Management started trading two years later. The arrangement worked well until 2002 when disaster struck, and Welbro Construction Solutions went into liquidation.
Through this awful experience, we learned valuable lessons, dusted ourselves down, reorganised the Company, and Welbro Project Management Ltd emerged as a specialist contractor. Welbro then evolved over the following years from a roofing and cladding contractor into the multi-disciplined specialist refurbishment contractor that it is today.
This evolution saw new skills and disciplines added to our core services. First came licensed asbestos removals, then structural steelwork and later windows and fenestrations. It became clear that the more control we had over the different aspects of our projects, the more efficient and timely they became.
We began to focus on refurbishment projects in specific market sectors during this evolution, broadly defined as Commercial, Industrial and Military buildings. 2011 saw our first significant overseas operations for the UK military in the Falkland Islands. This venture was a result of contacts established at UK military bases over the preceding years.
Ten years on from our original contracts in the Falklands, we are still working there during the austral summer. Also, we have worked on MoD and BBC properties on Ascension Island. Looking forwards, Welbro is always searching for new opportunities at home or abroad. We will continue to review, improve and adapt to ensure our growth and extend our history for many more years to come. Well, that is the plan!