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Green Roofing

If you need to renew a flat roof there is a way to help the environment, providing that the roof’s location and specification is suitable, and that is to make it a “green” roof or roof garden. This will absorb CO2 and replace it with oxygen and help to retain rainwater, which sustains the seedum plants growing on the roof. There are now a range of very low maintenance plants that have been developed for this application and these combined with the right weathering membrane can produce some pleasing results.

There are also a wide variety of environmental features that can be added to most roof refurbishment specfications to protect and help the environment. There are rainwater collection systems that capture and store”grey water” that can be used to flush toilets or for cooling purposes. In a project on the Falkland Islands, “Grey Water” technology was employed in the new canine centre for the guard dogs. The water captured was used for the jetting down and cleaning of the dogs rest quarters.

Another “Green” technology that can be incorporated into a roofing refurbishment specification is the addition of built-in PV panels into single-ply membranes. This will convert sunlight into electricity using PV panels that are part of the membrane itself.