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“Independence coupled with experience provides the right solution”


The Right Specification for Your Project

Many contractors are tied to specific manufacturers or product types; Welbro aren’t. This allows our design team the freedom to consider every possible option for a refurbushment specification before recommending the right solution. Our experience and specialisum in the refurbishment market means our designers know what specification will work and what won’t, and being able to select a disipline from the entire range available means that our recomendation is based on what is right for your individual project.


Welbro’s Independence & Experience Means
  • Specification selection from the full range of options
  • Unbiased recommendations based on the right specification for the job
  • Knowledge of what specification works best in different circumstances
  • Specifications tailored to your individual requirements
  • The right outcome for your refurbishment project.
Welbro is not owned or connected to any manufacturers or materials suppliers. We consider the entire market and base our recommendations solely on what is right for your project and not what we have in stock or need to sell.
Our extensive experience in the refurbishment market has provided us with an understanding of what products work in different conditions. We know how different specifications perform in different geographical locations or when applied to different types of construction. We understand and regularly review what products are available for different applications, so when we make a recommendation for a product it is based purely on our experience of that product or its manufacturer and nothing more.
Consider the Options

Welbro’s independence coupled with our experience in the refurbishment market allows us to consider all of the options available to you for your refurbishment project; discuss them with you and understand your intended outcome for the project. Then tailor the right solution for you. For example, take a flat roof refurbishment. Welbro could repair it; coat it, overlay it, strip and recover it or convert it to a pitched roof.

We could provide every type of coating system from a simple bitumen emulsion treatment to an advanced reinforced liquid plastic system. We could overlay it using advanced single-ply membranes made from a variety of materials including EPDM, PVC, and TPE. We could strip it and recover it with traditional materials like felt or asphalt, although it is rare for us to recommend this type of specification these days, or recover using single-ply membranes.

Finally for the very best specification, if that is what is required, Welbro could provide options to install a pitched roof over the existing flat roof using any one of dozens of sheetings options, ranging from corrugated galvanized sheets to an aluminium standing seam system. You can see with 5 main options for refurbishment type and, in some cases, dozens of material choices for each refurbishment type there are hundreds of possible permutations for a flat roof refurbishment, each with its own benefits and advantages. Welbro sees its job as guiding you to the right solution based on the information you provide us with. Clearly, if we only manufactured one product we would have to sell you that, but we have the freedom to consider all options and find the one that means your individual project criterion.