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Asbestos Removal

There is a great deal of concern currently about the presence of asbestos in buildings today. If asbestos is discovered in a building and it is identified as a risk, it will need to be removed by a licensed contractor.
Welbro holds a current asbestos license issued by the HSE and this permits us to undertake the removal of Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB) and decorative coatings containing asbestos. Full containment of a contaminated area can be organised and full Health & Safety protocols and procedures are documented before the work is undertaken.
We can also carry out surveys of industrial buildings to determine the presence and nature of any asbestos based products.

May 21st 2004:

Asbestos Surveys have to be carried out, by law, to locate any asbestos, to enable businesses to manage it properly.

If this hasn’t yet been carried out we are able to carry out all three types of survey, and we have qualified in-house operatives who have years of experience in this field.

There is no obligation for Welbro to remove the asbestos once the survey has identified it, but it is worth mentioning that the costs of asbestos removal are rising dramatically at the moment and it is unlikely that it will get any cheaper to remove it.