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The Welbro Knowledge Pool

Since 2000 we have grown our team from humble beginnings but there has always been a core of people within the company with decades of experience between them. Our Chairman, Keith Welch entered the industry as a youth working for Cape Universal, a manufacturer of asbestos cement roofing products and went onto work for two industry leading roofing and cladding companies before establishing Welbro with his Co-Directors. His experience alone represents over 40 years within the industry.

Keith’s brother Ian started his career as a trainee QS but moved onto work for a company specialising in Military roofing and cladding projects for the next 20 years before starting Welbro. His knowledge of Military buildings is second to none, having worked as an estimator and designer for over 30 years.

Graham Alexander’s professional career began in 1988 when he started work with Keith Welch as a trainee roofing surveyor. He spent the next 20 years surveying roofs and developing solutions for the same two companies as Keith before becoming a founder of Welbro.

Wayne Harris started on the practical side of the construction industry, working his way up from the tools, through site management and ending up on the board of Welbro. Wayne’s understanding of the practical and logistical elements of contracting is a great asset to the Company, as he brings with him over 30 years of practical experience on site.

The youngest member of the Welbro board is James Sprack. He joined Welbro straight from university, where he got a degree in acoustics. He started working for the company to earn some extra money during his university holidays. When he completed his degree he came back to Welbro, starting at the beginning on site but working closely with the rest of the board to benefit from their mentoring, experience and knowledge. Even as the most recent addition to the board, he has still got over 12 years of experience in the industry.